Fronesys has agreed to partner the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) to help foster the global adoption of Integrated Reporting. To support this partnership, three members of the Fronesys team (Thomas Odenwald, Jyoti Banerjee and John Farr) will assist the IIRC team engage with businesses across the world who are interested in building integrated thinking and reporting into their business management and reporting practices.

The Fronesys team will focus its work on the <IR> Business Network, a global network of organizations journeying towards Integrated Reporting. Participants in the <IR> Business Network are leading the way with transformational effects not just on the way they report, but also on the way they think and act. Fronesys will also collaborate with the IIRC in researching and developing three special interest groups:

Financial Institutions: how do they create (and destroy) value, and for whom

Integrated Thinking and Strategy: what does strategy look like when an enterprise seeks to balance its impacts across multiple capitals, rather than simply maximising the return on a single capital (financial capital)

Hidden Capitals: how can companies be more explicit in their management of human, intellectual and relationship capitals?

Fronesys will also support the work that the IIRC does with technology companies via the <IR> Technology Initiative. This programme brings together technology companies exploring how tech can underpin new trends in corporate reporting. Jyoti Banerjee has led this programme on behalf of the IIRC from its inception, and will continue to do so in the year ahead.