HFS Research invites Fronesys partner Jyoti Banerjee to be Research Fellow on sustainability

1 August 2011

Boston-based HfS Research (, a leading analyst company working in the business process and IT outsourcing space, has invited Jyoti Banerjee, partner at Fronesys, to be its Research Fellow in the area of sustainability.  As a result of this collaboration, HfS Research will be publishing material on sustainability and corporate responsibility aimed at services companies.

With services being such a key component of any modern economy, and with the key role it plays in manufacturing and retail supply chains, it is important to grasp which sustainability issues are material to a services business, what risks need to be managed, and how business performance can be improved. That is the focus of the work that Jyoti Banerjee will be doing with HfS Research.

To find out more about the collaboration, check out the blog written by HfS Research founder and CEO, Phil Fersht, where he introduces Jyoti to the HfS team:

The first piece of research published by HfS Research on the issue of sustainability is “Six reasons why sustainability matters to today’s businesses” – coauthored by Jyoti Banerjee and Chris Tuppen, partner, corporate services, Fronesys.

You can find out more about HfS Research at, and you can read Jyoti Banerjee summary bio on


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