Fronesys is pleased to announce the launch of CityLABS, a collaborative project funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). A consortium consisting of the Open University, Fronesys and ZTE, has been awarded the project, aiming to create an environment that engages SMEs in research and business development focused on urban challenges.

Pathways to CityLABS

CityLABS offers four pathways to SMEs that want to use the project:

Urban Business Lab – a Fronesys programme that equips SMEs with the business skills they need to foster innovation in the digital economy

Tech Design and Prototype Evaluation – Expertise and resources are on offer from the Open University and ZTE

Grants – Up to £5000 is available to help SMEs take their innovations forward

MK Data Hub – a bespoke data curation and developer environment focused on urban challenges

CityLABS is targeting SMEs operating in the south-east Midlands region. It builds on the work carried out in the course of MK:Smart, a Smart Cities initiative in Milton Keynes. The MK:Smart consortium was led by the Open University and featured 14 participants, including Fronesys.