A Shift in Perspective – How Universities Create Value

Jyoti Banerjee, partner at Fronesys, highlights that by adopting the principles of integrated thinking and reporting, universities can move away from a focus on reporting short term financial metrics to a multi-stakeholder approach which offers compelling narratives about their value.

The changing flows of corporate performance information

The global system of corporate information is at an inflection point.
On the one hand, the landscape for corporate information is witnessing a sea change, with wide-ranging global digital trends transforming the flows of corporate information, in the way this information is produced, distributed and consumed.
On the other hand, the 20th century presumption that the annual report is the dominant life-form for the communication of corporate information looks less appropriate in the 21st century. Corporate reporting is already changing, driven by the need to move away from backward-facing reports that focus on financial activity alone and are devoid of any explanation of how organisations create (or destroy) value.
Does anybody care? What should be done about it? Jyoti Banerjee considers the options.

Fronesys announces launch of cityLABS

Fronesys is pleased to announce the launch of CityLABS, a collaborative project funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). A consortium consisting of the Open University, Fronesys and ZTE, has been awarded the project, aiming to create an environment that engages SMEs in research and business development focused on urban challenges.

MK:Smart wins Best Academic and Business Research Project

MK:Smart, the Smart Cities programme in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom, may have come to an end in May 2017, but it continues to win awards. Its most recent win is at the Biztech #BrightSparc Awards where MK:Smart was recognised as the best Academic and Business Research Project at the June 22 awards night.

Fronesys partners IIRC to foster adoption of Integrated Reporting

Fronesys has agreed to partner the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) to help foster the global adoption of Integrated Reporting. To support this partnership, three members of the Fronesys team (Thomas Odenwald, Jyoti Banerjee and John Farr) will assist the IIRC team engage with businesses across the world who are interested in building integrated thinking and reporting into their business management and reporting practices.

How to embed integrated thinking into your organisation

Integrated thinking, and its close cousin Integrated Reporting, are both gaining global impetus. We asked Fronesys associate Natalya Sverjensky to unpack the virtuous cycle that drives performance.  It is an increasingly mainstream view that reporting has...

Why investors are seeking practical wisdom

As increasing amounts of financial capital pour into companies disclosing more on their ESG performance, we asked Fronesys associate Brigitte Herren to discern the drivers behind this investment approach which has, hitherto, been an esoteric fragment of...

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