Educating Smart Cities leaders: interview with Jyoti Banerjee

8 September 2014

MK:SMART has just published an interview with Jyoti Banerjee, partner at Fronesys, on the education programme we are building as part of the Smart Cities consortium working in Milton Keynes.

As Jyoti explains in the interview, “I’m not expecting that a city leader would be in a position to make a decision about technology choices, but they need to understand the business impacts of the choices they make. If they make one kind of data centre decision – these could be the impacts, while if we make another type of data centre decision – those could be the impacts. And they need to be in a position to understand the different kinds of impacts and be able to make a judgement between those. That’s what we’ve decided to focus on. We explore the citizen impact, the economic impact, and the social impact of smart cities decisions, and help people make good decisions based on those impacts.”

To read the full interview, please see


A Shift in Perspective – How Universities Create Value

Jyoti Banerjee, partner at Fronesys, highlights that by adopting the principles of integrated thinking and reporting, universities can move away from a focus on reporting short term financial metrics to a multi-stakeholder approach which offers compelling narratives about their value.