DRAFT on Corporate Services

8 October 2011

Fronesys has a number of service offerings designed to help companies address their key sustainability challenges, and integrate them with their business strategy.

Strategy Review: Sustainability and risk

Fronesys specialises in interpreting complex ESG data from a corporate or public sector organisation, and its supply chain, to formulate specific recommendations based on empirical data and analysis, in the areas of organisational risk, materiality, market opportunity and business performance.

  • ESG data acquisition
  • Sustainability risk assessment
  • Sustainability materiality and prioritisation
  • ESG-led market opportunities

Materiality analysis

Fronesys develops risk models for corporate and public sector clients, evaluating a number of supply chain ESG factors including exposure to environmental externalities, ethical and social challenges in the supply chain, and the scarcity of resources. Fronesys has developed analytical metrics that help organisations understand their own material issues, and build processes that improve their materiality determination.  What are the risks for the organisation if key resources become scarce or their price rises significantly due to the realisation of environmental externalities? This service enables an organisation to model the impact of its material inputs and resources.

Supplier screening for smart sourcing

75% or more of environmental and social impacts for a typical business are created in their supply chain. Yet few organisations manage their procurement and sourcing in a way that incorporates screening of their suppliers using sustainability metrics. Fronesys offers a service that enables procurement functions within a business to benchmark their suppliers using ESG metrics which can be incorporated into the price and quality screening processes they currently use.

  • ESG metrics on suppliers
  • Use of ESG in screening
  • Enhanced quality assessment of suppliers
  • Supply chain risk analysis

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Download a recent Fronesys report on materiality here.


A Shift in Perspective – How Universities Create Value

Jyoti Banerjee, partner at Fronesys, highlights that by adopting the principles of integrated thinking and reporting, universities can move away from a focus on reporting short term financial metrics to a multi-stakeholder approach which offers compelling narratives about their value.